ERGOtip wall hung

HMI no.: 125729 Item no.: 125729

ERGOtip Wall Hung is a toilet-shower chair with electric tilt and hoist developed uniquely for use over wall-hung toilets. The seat can be turned with opening front or rearward without transverse pipes for free access. The ERGOtip Wall Hung is part of the ERGOtip series.

Seat height 54 - 92,5 cm
Seat depth 43 cm
Seat width 43 cm
Between armrests 45,5 cm
Total width 58 cm
Total depth 70 cm
Total height 106-144,5 cm
Net weight 33 kg
Load 130 kg
ERGOtip wall hung
ERGOtip wall hung
ERGOtip wall hung
ERGOtip wall hung
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Product information

What can ERGOtip toilet shower chairs
With an ERGOtip toilet shower chair, the bathing experience is made comfortable for both the citizen and the therapist. The many settings ensure comfort that suits the individual. There is a range of accessories that can be used across models. The ERGOtip series consists of eight sizes that match the smaller citizen to bariatrics.

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