PositionAid with a bag

HMI no.: Item no.: 7015

PositionAid with a bag - complete package:

  • 2 pcs. Wedge
  • 1 pcs. Low
  • 1 pcs. High

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PositionAid with a bag
PositionAid with a bag
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Product information

PositionAid is available in three versions - Wedge, Low, High:
PositionAid - Secures and stabilizes the user.
PositionAid cushions can be used both in public as well as in private homes. PositionAid cushions come with non-slip covers, which are both breathable and waterproof. The cover is easily cleaned by wiping with soapy water and/or disinfected liquids.

What can PositionAid do
PositionAid is developed with it purpose of improving
comfort for the user. The cushions ensure that the citizen lies stably underneath
e.g. care, and the staff must therefore use less effort to stabilize the citizen.
It is gentler on the shoulders, arms and back of the nursing staff.


  • All PositionAids are made with the same non-slip cover and firm foam filling - which gives stability and comfort to the user.
  • All PositionAids can be purchased individually or as a set with a matching bag.

Cover: Polyurethane coated polyester
Filling: Polyurethane foam
MDR (Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745)

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