Toilet & shower

dan-rehab a/s offers the largest range of tip chairs in the market

– no less than 14 different standard models from stock! The arm rests are designed with a PUR pillow which is both indestructible and comfortable. The PUR pillow is also available in a cupped version for different needs. With few exceptions, the seats are removable and designed in soft PUR. The adjustable backrest (and leg support on selected models) is designed in soft skai material, for adjustment and support. A large range of accessories ensure that we are able to meet most users' requirements and needs. Products that are more or less permanently placed in wet rooms must not be able to weather or rust in such a way that the value of use deteriorates significantly or in such a way that the product in question poses a health hazard. Therefore, all movable and removable parts are designed in absolutely stainless steel materials.