Customer testimonials

Are you interested in other customers' experience? We have gathered some testimonials from our customers in which they share their experience with our products and services.

I use dan-rehab's toilet chairs – all different types – because they are easily adjusted to the individual user. There are quite a lot of accessories that fit the chairs, such as different legs, neck supports and arm rests, if e.g. the chair needs to be wider. This saves us quite a lot of money - since we don't need to have so many different chairs – but can still make sure that the chair fits the user perfectly.

Flemming Andreasen, Purchaser Aid Depot, Herning Kommune.

The chair makes all the work for me. I am 180 cm tall and when the chair can be raised at eye level I avoid having to bend over, e.g. if I help with tooth brushing. I am happy to have a chair like this to assist me in my daily work.

Kenneth Rasmussen, Tirsdalens Care center

The Soli's, the ERGOtip's with electric and gas driven – we have them all. And I am very, very enthusiastic. I have worked here as a therapist since 2008 and have gained quite many years of experience with many different products throughout the years – and basically dan-rehab's products are just working better.

Marie Gosvig, case working therapist, Herning Kommune.

The chairs are solid and moreover they have a very comfortable seet. The quality of the foam core makes the seats very comfortable and consequently the chairs soft to sit in. They don't have any uncomfortable edges.

Flemming Andreasen, Purchaser in the Aid Depot, Herning Kommune.

One our users had a new chair which he couldn't use. It wasn't not like the old one. It was tiny – and for some – insignificant difference in distance that made it difficult for him to carry out his daily routines without problems. Therefore, we had to just the new chair so that it would look like the old one. We had a technician from dan-rehab to come and made a few measurements to make the new chair fit the user. The result was great.

Bodil Friis, therapist, Rudersdal Kommmune.

The remote control is very simple without too many buttons – I wasn't nervous to get to press the wrong button. It is very convenient that it can be operated with one hand so that the other hand can comfort the user.

Kenneth Rasmussen, Tirsdalens Care center

It is my opinion that dan-rehab's products are both robust and sturdy and work for a long time. I take care of work environment matters, including helpers ergonomical matters, among other things how to get around the chair etc. and user matters in relation to how to use the chair.

APV-consultant, about the cooperation with dan-rehab.

Once you have done things in a certain way throughout a whole life, it can be different to change things. Most times, we can meet the different demands with standard chairs, but sometimes we need to adjust the chairs to match individual needs – and then it is very nice that dan-rehab can help us with that.

Bodil Friis, therapist, Rudersdal Kommune.