TurnAid T4 (w. speed control)

HMI no.: 121178 Item no.: 1200

TurnAid has been developed with the aim of optimizing the situation around care, turning and repositioning of severely disabled persons in hospitals, institutions and in own homes.

TurnAid T4 (w. speed control)
TurnAid T4 (w. speed control)
TurnAid T4 (w. speed control)
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Product information

TurnAid has been developed with the purpose of optimizing the situation regarding the care, transfer and placement of severely disabled people in nursing homes, institutions and in their own homes. TurnAid is an aid intended for installation on care beds. It combines two well-known basic functions: bed rail and electric turning system.

TurnAid is also suitable for people who are at risk of pressure ulcers, as the design of the system allows a transfer in the sheet that reduces the friction that occurs between the user and the sheet.

TurnAid can handle individuals weighing up to 350 kg. and copes with the task with maximum consideration for user and staff.

TurnAid is easily mounted on most types of care beds, as there are built-in universal brackets as well as length and width adjustment, so that the combined solution complies with the medical directive's strict requirements in the area.

TurnAid comes with the following:

  • 1 pc. foot control
  • 2 x hand controls
  • 2 pcs. the wooden complaint
  • 2 pcs. sliding sheet
  • 1 set of safety rails with integrated electric turning system (right and left)
  • 1 mounting cover with the electrical parts: 1control box, various motor cables
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